Fleet Solutions

Endura has been providing finishes for fleet and automotive customers for over 40 years. Endura Coating Systems provide excellent long-term service, consistently out-performing competitors. One, two, and three-coat systems meet and exceed the maintenance and cosmetic requirements for fleet vehicles. Our product lines are used extensively on service vehicles for the petroleum industry, utility service companies, transportation, and construction companies. Endura provides high gloss, wet-look finishes for all types of vehicles. Our primers and topcoats are durable, high performance coatings noted for: color retention, and outstanding resistance to chemicals, abrasion, and impact. Endura EX-2C Topcoats: solid color, metallic, and pearl finishes, are used extensively in vehicle refinishing and repair.
We offer aircraft quality paint in custom colors and quantities. Our color match library holds formulas for over 40,000 colors, based on standard industrial, automotive, corporate, and fleet colors. Our lab provides custom color match services to meet a spectrum of needs.

Caliber Zinc EpoxyEasyClean Topcoat
Delta Urethane SealerEX-2C Topcoat
EP-521 PrimerEX-2C Clear 100 Topcoat
EP Sandable PrimerEX-2C Clear 221 Topcoat
HS-421 Primer EX-2C TF2K Topcoat
Intermix 3:1 PrimerUltraFlex Topcoat
Intermix 4:1 Primer 
UltraGrip Zinc Epoxy Primer