Crater Eliminator


Product Description​

Endura Crater Eliminator is an additive to help prevent cratering/fish eyes in Endura polyurethane topcoats. Crater eliminator also helps to reduce color floating.Product features:

  • Helps prevent cratering/fish eyes
  • Use whenever small or incidental craters appear

Crater Eliminator is suitable for use in the following Endura Topcoats:

  • EX-2C Topcoat
  • EX-2C Low VOC Topcoat
  • EX-2C Topcoat Concrete
  • EX-2C Topcoat T2FK
  • EX-2C Clear 100
  • EX-2C Clear 221
  • Clarity Clear
  • Excel D2M & D2M HS
  • G90 Low VOC
  • Ultraflex Topcoat
  • Kappa Clear Fast & Slow
  • Polyglass Edge

Product TDS and SDS Information​