Technical Support

Endura Manufacturing offers e-mail technical support for our customers. E-mail inquires allow us to look into your problem before contacting you with a solution. Simply email

Please have the following information available when contacting us.

  • Name, batch number and color of product being used
  • Substrate being painted
  • Type of spray/painting equipment being used
  • Environmental information including ambient temperature and humidity levels

Technical support is also available by phone by calling 1-800-661-9930

Coating Inspection and Documentation

Coating reports provide a detailed reference to past coating application information including:

  • Surface prep information
  • Environmental conditions
  • Coating thickness and dry time information

This information provides an excellent record of the paint application process as well as a valuable technical support tool for determining the cause of paint issues.

Below are two PDF Inspection reports that can be used to document the entire paint application procedure.

Coating Report (3 Coat System – Primer, Topcoat Clear)

Coating Report (2 Coat System – Primer, Topcoat)

Paint Problem and Solutions Guide

Download this helpful PDF guide. Inside are examples of many common paint problems with recommendations and solutions for fixing issues such as: cratering, orange peel, solvent popping and many other paint application issues.
Problems and Solutions Guide (PDF 2.1 MB)