Stay Informed on Cyber Security and  Scam Threats

Being aware of online scams and knowing what to look for is the key to protecting yourself against cybercriminals.  Here are some cyber scams currently affecting Our Customers:

Fraudulent Emails:

It has come to Endura’s attention that bad actors are using Endura Paint salutations and email addresses’ in attempts at defrauding Endura customers.

We have seen numerous fraudulent requests for Endura customer accounts payable staff to direct payments to new recipients. More recently, we have seen that a customer received a fraudulent email trying to look like it originated from Endura stating that the sender (Endura) needed a loan.

  1. Endura staff will never ask for payment changes via email.
  2. Endura will never ask a customer for a loan.

If any Endura customer receives an email that looks like it comes from Endura, please assume that the email is fraudulent.

If you do receive an email from an Endura employee, chances are, you will already be aware of the context. If you are not aware of the context, please call Endura head office to confirm with the sender.

Email best practices to follow:

1. Do not open or click on any links or attachments from a person or senders that you do not recognize.
2. Be especially careful with .zip or executable file types (.exe).
3. NEVER provide sensitive personal information (credit card, banking info) through email. Emails are NOT a secure method for transferring financial information.)
4. If you are unsure if an email is legitimate or not, DO NOT open ANY attachments or click ANY links. Report the email to your IT department and verify its legitimacy.
5. You can also use online phishing tools to check your email security.
One site is This page provides an automated email security risk assessment tool that can help assess your emails security configurations.
6. There are email configurations (DMARC, SPF etc) that can help to protect you from these spoofs, please talk to your IT provider to ensure your email security setting are properly set up.

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