Wash CDP (Clean, Degrease. Prep)


Product Description

Endura Wash CDP (Clean Degrease & Prep) is a heavy duty water based cleaner with no flash point. Use undiluted for extra heavy soils. Use in concentration of up to 100 parts water depending on severity of soil. May be used with high pressure cleaning equipment. Heat speeds cleaning.

Endura Wash CDP Instructions:

  • Wash CDP should be applied at 70°- 90°F for optimum performance.
  • The hotter the molecule, the more reactive the detergent, the more effective the cleaning.
  • Overheating Wash CDP may cause it to flash off too fast leaving a white residue.
  • If this is noted then the surface should be re-wetted with Wash CDP and then rinsed shortly thereafter.
  • Apply Wash CDP and let it sit on the surface for 10-15 minutes, ensuring that the area stays wet, reapplying Wash CDP as necessary to prevent surface from drying out.
  • Rinse all areas well using High Pressure with hot water at no less than 500 psi.
  • Rinsing can also be effectively completed using a garden hose at 40lbs pressure or running water thru a diaphragm pump, airless pump or similar apparatus.
  • Hot or warm water is preferred but not essential.
  • The primary objective is to leave zero white residue which could possibly affect inter-coat adhesion.
  • All rust must be removed using power tools or 80 grit sand paper.
  • Areas with water puddling as well as sanded areas must be blown off with clean dry air.
  • Check to make sure there is no white residue left on any areas prior to priming.
  • (any contamination can be wiped with a clean rag moistened with thinner)
  • Wash CDP is available in two versions
    1. Endura Wash CDP (Contains Glycol Ether)
    2. Endura WASH CDP ECO (Zero VOC, does not contain Glycol Ether)
  • (Both versions are available in regular or concentrate versions)

Product TDS and SDS Information​

Wash CDP & CDP (Concentrate)

Wash CDP ECO & CDP ECO (Concentrate)