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Our objective is to develop and market specialty paints and coatings.

Endura Manufacturing is committed to providing our customers with the best high performance paint system available. Through research and development Endura has created paint systems designed to work in the harshest environments, from off shore oil rigs to gravel trucks and trailers, providing an easy to spray, long lasting coating that will protect your investment for years to come.

Endura Aviation
We have durable urethane and epoxy primers that are then finished with a single-stage polyurethane topcoat. We have systems that are suitable for every type of surface (aluminum, steel, composite, fabric).
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The Endura VOC Advantage
Look for the Endura VOC compliant symbol to ensure you are getting Endura VOC compliant products for automotive refinishing. No changes required to existing equipment
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Endura Aerosol Spray Cans
The system allows for Endura products to be sold in single component or 2 component (e.g. EX-2C Topcoat) in aerosol spray cans. The 1K and 2K aerosols are excellent for touch ups and repairs or for painting small projects.
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Endura Paints Provide

Industrial Strength

  • Outstanding durability and extended service life

Tailor Made Solutions

  • Custom coating formulations, created to suit individual needs and requirements
  • Custom color creation and color matching services

Endura 2K and 1K spray Cans

Endura 1K & 2K spray provide:
More than twice the volume solids of conventional aerosol products

  • Professional spray gun quality results
  • No mess or measuring
  • Quick activation

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The Endura VOC Advantage

  • Industrial grade durability
  • Stronger, tougher and more versatile than water-based coating systems.
  • Primers under 250 grams/liter
  • Color topcoats under 420 grams/liter
  • Clear coats under 250 grams/liter

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Endura Paint

Endura Paint was founded in 1966 with the objective of developing and marketing specialty paints and coatings. Our philosophy is to manufacture industrial coatings using the highest quality raw materials, ensuring that Endura coatings achieve outstanding performance and provide a service life far beyond industry standards.

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