Surface Preparation - Previously Painted

Pretreatment for Previously Painted Surfaces


When using paint strippers avoid contact with skin and eyes, wear chemical resistant gloves and use a fresh air respirator.


Painted surfaces may be sanded with 180-220 grit sandpaper as a pre-treatment, if the existing surface is in good enough condition. Good condition indicates that the painted surface is not peeling, worn, chipped or otherwise failing.

If the existing coating is in poor condition then it must be removed from the surface prior to re-painting. Stripping may be completed with an acid free chemical stripper or with mechanical abrasion. Care and attention should be used when removing coatings from thin skin aluminum surfaces.

Note: All stripped aluminum surfaces need to be pre treated.


Apply by non-atomizing spray, brush, or pour-on methods. After 15 to 20 minutes, Endura Paint Stripper will penetrate and lift old finishes. Use a metal scraper to remove the old finish. Brush with a stiff bristle-brush to remove paint residues.


Previously Painted – Surface Preparation Instructions

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