Surface Preparation - Carbon Steel

Pretreatment for Carbon Steel:


All carbon steel is to be pressure washed and free of oil, grease and other surface contaminants before sandblasting.Please see the endura sandblasting information page for information on the various sandblasting standards.

The Endura Sandblasting chart will provide a visual aid to the various sandblast profiles. Typically for most industrial applications the following is acceptable.


  • For all general steel painting requirement.

Near White Metal /White Metal:

  • For all off shore specifications.

It is recommended that the primer is applied to the sandblasted steel surface as soon as possible and no more then 8 hours after blasting to ensure the best adhesion and corrosion protection.

Blistering and corrosion problems under paint finishes are often the result of poor surface prep and condition. Chemical salts trapped under a paint film will eventually result in blistering or corrosion.

For Quantitative Soluble Salts Test Information Click Here

Carbon Steel – Surface Preparation Instructions

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