Painting Guide - Rolling and Tipping

  • Mix 2 parts EX-2C Topcoat with 1 part EX-2C Special Component B.
  • Reduce the mixed product 10% with Endura Slo Thinner.
  • At temperatures above 70° F (21° C) and humidity above 70% add Endura retarder
  • On smooth vertical surfaces use a 1/8 “nap roller sleeve.
  • On concrete floors use a ¼” – 3/8” nap roller sleeve.
  • Choose a roller sleeve with a phenolic core for large jobs.
  • Prepare the roller sleeves before application by wrapping with masking tape; removal of the tape will aid in eliminating most of the loose roller sleeve material.
  • Thoroughly wash the roller sleeves with EX-2C Thinner before use.
  • On hardwood floors use a lamb’s wool applicator or 1/4 “-3/8” nap roller sleeve (apply following the wood grain). Clean the new lamb’s wool applicator using the same method for preparing roller sleeves before application.
  • High Density foam roller sleeves do not require any cleaning or pretreatment. The key to successful application with these roller sleeves on smooth surfaces is thin coats and tip the surface uniformly.
  • Apply the product with a roller, uniformly to 4-6 square feet on vertical surfaces.
  • Larger surface areas can be considered on floor applications where tipping is not being considered.
  • Maintain a wet edge in the direction you are painting.
  • Always use a good quality pure bristle brush for tipping.
  • Tip with the tip of the pure bristle brush in one direction toward the wet edge.
  • Minimize the tipping strokes and maintain a clean tipping brush (use Slo Thinner)
  • Allow a 12-16 hour (overnight) flash off between coats on concrete floor applications with Endura Topcoat.
  • Masking tape should be removed as soon as the paint has dried sufficient to be “tacky”. The tape will be difficult to remove if paint is allowed to cure and ragged edges could occur.
  • Do not apply any product in direct sunlight.

Note: MC-1C Clear Gloss requires a more specific flash off period before application of the second coat.

Please contact Endura Paint or an Endura Paint Distributor for more specific information on various surface preparation requirements and complete application instructions.

Paint School – Rolling and Tipping Instructions