EX-2C TF2K Topcoat

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Endura EX-2C TF2K Topcoat is formulated to perform exceptionally well resisting abrasion on transport vehicles. This coating provides a non-stick surface ideal for tankers, bulkers, and hoppers.

  • Provides a non-stick surface
  • Outstanding resistance to abrasion
  • Excellent resistance to jet fuel and kerosene
  • Available in solid, metallic and pearl colors

Product Overview

Service ConditionsHeavy Duty Topcoat
Recommended DFT1-1.25 mils DFT
Volume Solids (%)53%
Recommended SectorOilfield, Fleet, OEM

Additional Product Information

EX-2C TF2K Technical Data Sheet
SDS component B
Quickstart Application Guide
SDS White 120 TF2K: CLR18245_SDS_NA_1.1
SDS Clear TF2K: CLR30410_SDS_NA_1.2
* SDS [A] is a White SDS please click here to request color specific SDS information.